FRIED: The Burnout Podcast

FRIED: The Burnout Podcast

By Cait Donovan

The place to listen to real, raw stories of burnout and burnout recovery so that you can learn: Burnout is Real. You're not alone. This is doable. There are resources for you. Someone like you has been through this and has answers for you. Interviews go deep and discuss trauma, race, deep depression, thoughts of suicide and of course, the light that enters once the realization happens and the decision to make a change has been made. We're here with you. For all of it.


#straightfromcait: The Articles Against Self-Care for Burnout Recovery Are Missing This Major Point

Many articles that talk about burnout make the mistake of devaluing self-care as a burnout prevention or recovery tool. But self care isn’t all just pedicures and massages, and it can be a huge factor in burnout recovery. When you take away self-careRead more


Nneka Roberts: Using Systems to Create More Time, Mental Space, Creativity, and Money

Nneka Roberts, operations consultant at Sage Simple Solutions, has worked designing systems for 20 years. She now works with consulting clients teaching them how to implement systems to improve their businesses and lives. She shares her tips for usinRead more


#straightfromsarah: Rebuilding Trust With Yourself During Burnout Recovery

Do you struggle with trusting yourself? If you’re experiencing burnout it can be extremely difficult to trust yourself. You’ve been ignoring your body’s signals for a long time, not taking care of yourself properly, and you likely feel like a shell oRead more


Dan Sykes: The Somatic Fanatic Talks the Power of Curiosity For Nervous System Training

“If you are no longer curious, the best of your life is behind you because the best of your life is being curious,” shares Dan Sykes, Founder of the Somatic Training Network and author of Somatic Fanatic. Dan’s burnout came as a result of a midlife cRead more


#straightfromcaitandsarah: Healing the Healers, Hyper-Independence, and Rules for Helping

Are you a healer that struggles with asking for help? When you’re used to wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself, it can be really difficult to realize when you need to reach out. In this week’s #straightfromcaitandsarah episode, Cait andRead more

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