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Susie Moore: Let It Be Easy

Susie Moore is a world renowned life coach, author of Let It Be Easy: Simple Ways to Stop Stressing and Start Living, as well as the host of the Let It Be Easy podcast. Susie’s life growing up was anything but easy. She grew up on welfare, moving frequently between domestic violence shelters, and her main hope for her future was to have stability and financial independence. However, once Susie was out of that situation and married in her own place, she realized that she was still unhappy. It wasn’t until she did a lot of inner work with consistency and intentionality that she was able to change her thought patterns and her life.   The first step toward an easier life is taking responsibility for your emotions. The way you feel inspires your actions, so by controlling your emotions you can change how you show up in the world. Next, be selective about who has access to your time and energy. If you are always hanging around people who are negative, it will be that much more difficult to remain positive and handle stressful situations. The more you fill your days with hobbies, carefully curated friends, and rich life experiences, the more you will be able to stay calm when something does not go your way.    You don’t have to live your life on hard mode. Tune into today’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Susie Moore about how to let life be easy, take control of your emotions, get out of your own way, and surround yourself with the right people.    Quotes • “Being very selective about who has access to you, and your energy, and your time and attention is critical.” (9:37-9:44 | Susie)  • “Sometimes we tell ourselves a story that well, this is it, there's nowhere else and it might not always be true.” (13:46-13:52 | Susie) • “Just taking responsibility for my emotions is the number one thing in my life, because we act based on how we feel.” (16:28-16:35 | Susie) • “If I have a rich life, if I have hobbies, if I have friends, if I have experiences, I'm going to be just naturally more soothed because I'm less attached to any one thing going my way.” (34:34-34:43 | Susie) • “The reason that I think some people can create and move forward and have momentum is not because they're talented, or special, or unique or different. They just don't have sloppy thinking. Right? It's like, wait, let me rethink this. Do I sound like an idiot? Wait, oh, no, I'm not good enough, actually not ready for that, she's gonna reject me. I am not playing that game with myself. Like, I'm simply not. And if I'm with my heart creating something that I feel is of use or is beautiful or is interesting, that's enough. And if there are errors, or typos, or I missed the mark, that's also okay.” (55:41-56:16 | Susie)   Links Connect with Susie Moore: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Workshop:   XOXO, C   If you know that it’s time to actually DO something about the burnout cycle you’ve been in for too long - book your free consult today:   Podcast production and show notes provided by

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The place to listen to real, raw stories of burnout and burnout recovery so that you can learn: Burnout is Real. You're not alone. This is doable. There are resources for you. Someone like you has been through this and has answers for you. Interviews go deep and discuss trauma, race, deep depression, thoughts of suicide and of course, the light that enters once the realization happens and the decision to make a change has been made. We're here with you. For all of it. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.