James Cameron's Titanic: Scene by Scene

James Cameron's Titanic: Scene by Scene

By Brittany Butler & Ethan Brehm

Ever wonder what makes James Cameron's 1997 Hollywood epic "Titanic" one of the most commercially and critically successful films of all time? Titanic superfan Brittany Butler and movie buff Ethan Brehm are here to take a deeper look into what makes this movie work so well by analyzing it... Scene by scene.


First Class Dinner | Scene 11 (w/ guest Liz Osban)

To cover November, here's a massive jumbo-sized special episode! We chat with photographer Liz Osban, Brittany's friend of 8 years who is also equally Titanic obsessed. This episode clocks in at juuuust under 2 hours, making it the length of an avera… Read more


You See People (Part 2) | Scene 10

As we wrap up "You See People," we talk about the historical side of things when it comes to the conversation between Ismay and Captain Smith, discuss another deleted scene, and read more interesting blurbs from the illustrated screenplay! We're offi… Read more


You See People (Part 1) | Scene 10

Jack and Rose get to know each other during a stroll around the boat deck! It's a big turning point for them. In this episode we talk even MORE about relevant deleted scenes and some fun facts from the illustrated screenplay. Also, we're officia… Read more


You Jump, I Jump | Scene 9

We've reached a monumental moment for the podcast: JACK AND ROSE ARE FINALLY INTERACTING! We talk all about Rose's suicide attempt, the depth of Jack and Rose's bond, multiple deleted scenes and how "Titanic" actually COULD have been the movie haters… Read more


First Glance | Scene 8

As the title of this scene suggests, Jack & Rose finally cross paths as they momentarily glance at each other from across the decks! But before that, we're introduced to prominent historical characters J Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews and gain a litt… Read more

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