James Cameron's Titanic: Scene by Scene

James Cameron's Titanic: Scene by Scene

By Brittany Butler & Ethan Brehm

Ever wonder what makes James Cameron's 1997 Hollywood epic "Titanic" one of the most commercially and critically successful films of all time? Titanic superfan Brittany Butler and movie buff Ethan Brehm are here to take a deeper look into what makes this movie work so well by analyzing it... Scene by scene. Are you a fan of the movie? Awesome! This podcast is for you. Not a fan? Consider listening to hopefully gain a new perspective!


To The Stars | Scene 19

"Where to, miss?" - We discuss the famous "car scene" among many other things in yet another long episode! We forgot to mention the Californian deleted scene here, but we'll be sure to bring it up in the next episode!!  Have any thoughts on a spRead more


The Chase (w/ Liz Osban) | Scene 18

We brought Liz back to discuss her favorite scene (Jack & Rose running away from Lovejoy) while Ethan was recovering from the flu. This scene also includes an interesting conversation between Captain Smith and Officer Lightoller. We discuss a buuuuncRead more


The Drawing | Scene 17

After a random (but related) tangent about war movies and Dunkirk in relation to the kind of movie Titanic is, we jump into another iconic scene... The Drawing! We somehow ended up talking a little about the sinking too before analyzing the scene. ThRead more


Flying | Scene 16

In one of our most interesting conversations yet, we discuss the many layers hidden beneath the instantly iconic "I'm flying! Jack!" scene.  Have any thoughts on a specific scene? Let us know! EMAIL: titanicscenebyscene@gmail.com OUR SOCIALS: InRead more


They've Got You Trapped | Scene 15

In this episode we discuss a super cool example of how this movie approaches historical fiction, the "deck would look too cluttered" lifeboat scene between Rose and Mr. Andrews, Jack and Rose's conversation in the gym and a few really interesting tidRead more

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