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Open Sea worth $13B! Elizabeth Holmes Going Jail? Drama at "Black Girls Code", NFT's

Techish is back with a brand new bonus episode! Abadesi and Michael, break down:- The Molly Mae controversy that has been dominating the headlines O.37 - Elizabeth Holmes: Where is the former Theranos CEO now?  10.39 - Is the media doing its due diligence on founders and whether their businesses actually work? - 15.21 - NFT marketplace OpenSea is now worth $13B+ 19.50 - Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant was suspended from her own organization 26.09 - Career Karma founder Ruben Harris raises $40M in Seed B - 32.52————————————————————— for roles for POC in tech for talks and training to make your company more inclusive ————————————————————— Extra Reading:————————————————————Use the hashtag #Techish on Twitter & IG Support Techish at Advertise on Techish: ———————————————————— Stay In Touch: Email us at

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A podcast by two millennials talking about all things tech, pop culture, and life. Starring tech founders Abadesi Osunsade [@abadesi] and Michael Berhane [ @michaelberhane_]. Visit us at and use the hashtag #Techish. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.