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Brittany Butler & Ethan Brehm

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Quest For Coolness | S2E4

What would YOU do for a pair of Quasis? We're talking about one of the most well known episodes of the series! Louis & Twitty turn to the black market in an attempt to buy some popular sneakers, meanwhile LJH is holding a fashion show at the mall to help support the school newspaper. It's an all around classic. In this episode we talk about dumb middle school trends, have a ridiculous argument over the meaning of a joke, and laugh at the wonderful absurdity of Scabby apparently selling underground cat food, sponges, and marionettes.  VOICEMAIL: 857-246-9731 or send us a voice recording! EMAIL: evenstevensranked@gmail.com Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Redbubble http://www.evenstevensranked.com

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A nostalgia podcast dedicated to the Disney Channel original series Even Stevens! Hosted by Brittany Butler and Ethan Brehm, two super-fans of this underrated TV gem. They're also probably the only two people on the planet who have each taken the time to rank all 65 episodes from worst to best. Listen as they review the series from beginning to end and discuss their contrasting lists along the way, interview cast & crew, read messages from listeners and talk all things Even Stevens! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.